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Syll Draw2 - Week 3 Shoe Drawings 2 Drawings Due Thursday...

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Instructor: Rebekah Higgins Course: Drawing 1 Office M2-32D 215 751 8802 Course: Drawing 2 New topics will be introduced on Monday with the rest of the week dedicated to assignments related to the weekly topic. Week 1: Long Complex Full Value Drawing/ Line and then Tone, Due Monday Week 2: Continue Long Drawings Due Monday
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Unformatted text preview: Week 3: Shoe Drawings, 2 Drawings Due Thursday Monday Quiz Week 4: Gadget Drawing, Analytical Line, Due Thursday Monday Quiz Week 5: Hallway Drawing, Line then Full Value, Due Thursday Monday Quiz Week 6: Cube Monster (Logic Drawing), Due Thursday Monday Quiz Week 7: Organic Forms, Due Thursday Monday Quiz...
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