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COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF PHILADELPHIA Art Department 1700 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA 19130 COURSE SYLLABUS Course: Introduction to Computer Art/Graphics Course Number: ART 150 Professor: Rebekah Higgins Semester: Fall 2008 Office: M2-18, see door for posted office hours, 215 751 8298 This and other course related documents can be found at under my link from the faculty page. COURSE OVERVIEW The fields of Art and Design have been revolutionized by the introduction of computers at every level of endeavor and production. Early limits of cost, accessibility, learning time, and output quality have all been decidedly overcome, and background in computer usage is now regarded as a basic requirement for entry level artists and designers and accomplished practitioners alike. It is intended that this course will introduce students to the language, technology, and artistic medium of computer graphics. Its format is studio/lab in nature, with instruction and demonstration preceding hands-on equipment use. COURSE GOALS The student will : 1. develop an enhanced appreciation for the complex processes of artistic creation and design refinement, coupled with skills in graphic composition. .2. acquire production level skills in creating digitized illustrations, graphics, photographic manipulations, and pictorial images using a commercial grade graphics and type composition program and a commercial grade photo imaging program 3. learn to integrate their knowledge of design and technology to produce a viable product 4. demonstrate interface techniques for importing and exporting graphics between various application programs
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5. develop a broadened appreciation of and expertise in design and an increased awareness of and ability to work in computer graphics. REQUIRED TEXT Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book for CS2, Adobe Press ; ISBN: B0000659S2; Handouts will be provided by the instructor. Students are encouraged to use CCP Library collections and services, and facilities and community resources of The Free Library of Philadelphia. MATERIALS Fine line and fat tipped markers as required 11” x 14” Pad of 50 sheets yellow or white tracing paper A notebook A black 3 ring binder Tabbed hole punched transparent acetate sleeves (about 20) 2 Jump Drives for storage PERSONAL CONDUCT Drinking and eating are prohibited in the classroom. Students are expected to arrive in class promptly and remain until class is dismissed. We will take a 15 minute break. Students may not load nor remove software material from the computers. Regular attendance is required in this course. Lateness will equal ½ absence and so will leaving class early. SUBMISSION OF WORK
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