Taking responsibility for your education

Taking responsibility for your education - Taking...

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Taking responsibility for your education. Answer these two questions on the back of this sheet. 1. What kind of a class do you want to have? 2. What is needed to create that environment and how can you contribute? Updated cell phone/texting policy: I think in some ways it is more challenging for students today than it was for me and easier in others. Right now I want to focus on the technology distraction challenge. Many more distractions are available to you and those who know you have come to expect near immediate access and responses from you… and maybe you from them. This is a hard habit to break, but it must be broken. Family, friends, responsibilities, work, and school…there are so many people expecting access to you via your cell phone and e-mail. Truthfully, if I were 20 again and had to go to college today I might not be successful. You see my Mom was sick a lot and if she or my father could easily have reached me whenever they wanted to they would have called on me night and day to the detriment of education. The key here is “easily reached me”. You see, in my day if there was an emergency my parents would have had to call the registrar, who would have had to send someone to another building, find my classroom and find me and then I would have to find a phone to call back. If my parents were willing to do this, it was probably an emergency, so it didn’t happen often. For some families today an emergency has turned into “I have to miss half of class
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Taking responsibility for your education - Taking...

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