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Web site update: The good thing is—things look good—both in terms of design and in the approval process. I met with Sharon and have the go ahead to build the site. She basically said, “she was comfortable leaving the design decisions to the department and trusted that I knew what I was doing”. I received some good design feedback from Woody and Frank and have made some improvements based on them. My original goal was to have a site up by the end of the semester, but the end of the semester is here and I haven’t been able to meet that timeframe. I now believe that about 2-3 weeks into the summer I should have a solid framework up which can continue to evolve over the summer and next quarter. Web sites are “never finished, ” so I want to get up the basics and move from there. I have plans to add a faculty bio and artwork section, so if everyone can get me a bio and some slides by the end of May, that would be great. Whatever I have I will
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Unformatted text preview: work with and more can be added later. Some thoughts for the future: I would definitely like to keep up “the artwork” section for faculty and students. So on-going submissions can be added at set dates. I would also like to add an area where we can post our courses and course projects on-line. This might be something like a Microsoft Word Template with instructions on how to post it, so each faculty member can post course information and announcements independently. This would basically be a template and a how-to and then you would be on your own (it’s not hard!). Anyway this could be something to think about in because of the syllabi issues that have been stirred-up. With some additional up-front work you could provide students with on going access to syllabi and course projects and cover yourself and the school....
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