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Rationale - design software This technology is combined...

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Rationale Students in the art program who are planning to major in graphic design upon transfer need to build portfolio pieces and develop the conceptual problem solving and skill building tools to successfully transfer into a graphic design major. Students who may be unsure of declaring their transfer major are also served by participating in an introductory level graphic design course. Like all foundation and directed elective classes in the art curricula, Art151 allows students to explore and help identify their desires and strengths and informs their decisions about their chosen transfer majors. Also basic graphic design skills can help all artists with their presentations. Studio projects emphasize the development of visual ideas and include the study of letter forms (typography), basic design techniques and graphic design principles. The use of the computer is introduced along with graphic
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Unformatted text preview: design software. This technology is combined with more traditional (hands-on) studio experience for the initial stages of design and conceptual development. Studio and computer labwork are integral to this course. Course Level Student Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this course students will be able to: Identify the anatomy of a typeface, and know the main type families and some of their appropriate uses Work comfortably and independently with technology (computer program(s), equipment, and peripherals) Have the ability to compose elements within a give space Develop a system for image production, acquisition, retrieval, and document importing and exporting Distinguish proper image quality Recognize color-building, and suitable color application...
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