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Key Concepts: Lecture 16: Jovian Planets: Rings and Moons Rings and the Roche Limit Galilean Moons of Jupiter Titan and other moons of Saturn Moons and Rings of Uranus and Neptune Overview • All Jovian Planets have – Rings – many satellites mini-solar system differs from objects in inner solar system – because temperatures in outer solar system are much colder Orbits • Most satellites of Jovian planets follow “direct” or “regular” orbits: counter- clockwise if viewed from above the north pole. • Ring systems are in regular orbits • There are some “irregular” satellites – retrograde orbits (clockwise) – or have highly elliptical orbits – or have highly inclined orbits Orbits of Saturn’s moons Orbits of Jupiter’s moons
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Orbits • Orbits give us information about the • Objects in regular orbits – probably formed at the same time as the planet – probably formed by processes similar to those that formed the planets • Object in irregular orbits – probably formed far away and were captured later Rings • Rings consist of billions of small particles or moonlets orbiting close to their planet – size of particles range from grain of sand to house-sized boulders Rings • Particles follow Kepler’s laws – inner particles orbit faster than those farther out – ring not rotating as a solid body, rather individual moonlets are orbiting • if ring particles widely spaced - move independently
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lecture_tan16 - Key Concepts: Lecture 16: Jovian Planets:...

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