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Unformatted text preview: Admin. 4/5/11 1. Class website http://www.astro.ufl.edu/~jt/teaching/ast1002/index.html 2. Discussion sections: Tuesday 1.55pm (period 7), Bryant 3 Wednesday 10.40am (period 4), Bryant 3 Thursday 3.00pm (period 8), Bryant 3 Office hr: Thursday (5pm), Bryant 302 3. Homework 9 due Sun. Apr. 10 by 11pm (keep a record of your answers) 4. Reading: Chapters 0-15, now Chapters 16, 17 5. Email me Astro - news, jokes, tunes, images: [email protected] ufl . edu 6. Print out notes and bring them to class - use these as a base outline to take extra notes in class. 7. Final: Tuesday April 19th, in class. 8. Observing Project due Tue April 5 - complete at campus observatory on Fridays anytime between 8.30-10pm - see class website. Key Concepts: Lecture 31: Galaxies continued Mergers of Galaxies and Galaxy Evolution Active Galaxies - more evidence for supermassive black holes The Classification of Galaxies • Galaxies can be classified by how they appear on the sky – How flattened the spheroid is – How prominent the disk and spiral arms are – If there is a bar • Hubble devised what he thought may be an evolutionary sequence Galaxies are relatively big compared to the space between them, and so can sometimes undergo interactions… Interacting Galaxies...
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This note was uploaded on 09/07/2011 for the course AST 1002 taught by Professor Dr.haywoodsmith,jr during the Spring '07 term at University of Florida.

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lecture_tan31 - Admin 1 Class website...

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