Lecture12_clicker - position of the spring In class Quiz(will count for credit A 0.66 m/s B 9.8 m/s C 196 m/s D 52 m/s E 20 m/s k = 550 N/m from

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The spring is compressed by x = 0.120 m and the gun fired a projectile of mass 20g vertically as shown. Find the speed of the projectile as it moves through the equilibrium
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Unformatted text preview: position of the spring. In class Quiz (will count for credit) A. 0.66 m/s B. 9.8 m/s C. 196 m/s D. 52 m/s E. 20 m/s k = 550 N/m from part a At equilibrium position, x = 0...
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