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lecture25_notes - C/w\9 e'^r1^cfw_l^vv1 T a'r l r wnl X r,r...

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r . - ( - -/w\9 e'^r1^{l^vv1 C T a ' r l , Oi;uL aJ\!-WI V U ' 1 ilnvn o wnl r,r+ X: Lh r t v A ' V : Yfl A, lVa"lan'r I tnt -r IX looL''] io"t '- hx = T,A ryT +rnV' + Lk * 4f a/htr"/ z. l t F t l . A t - K n L n v , L TY1 V r L + k x l,'-xt) ynL K v a,f X *o af x'rh I l - I I I t - Y J I I t (h'- \')
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P e q ru bo.i era 71' :$n'siarffi J'N6rr]4 \f o::el '^) I J J ^*1 IJ'L oricciTm "+ P .4 sr rwlt- lnP4mmlu WtvA{!;WLn , I ! t \t u nbo Ll* X axi s 'nanYlu A X -- n,'rty I I L fr)wv V = -V 'ol t'-7a'-9) v1 J T , . . r - - - - Y t - ' n n v i \ / =
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