INTRO TO ART HISTORY MISC ART NOTES - no presence of a real...

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20:38 Page with Man,  Gospel Book of Durrow, Gospel of St. Matthew,  Second half of the seventh century, ink and tempera on  parchment Commission wise, these were produced in workshops by trained  monks or clergymen who spent most of their lives illuminating text in  a pain staking fashion Identified as the author page, could be an angel or man Figure if placed in the center of the page farmed by a pattern  Center element, one of the themes is representation of the human  form and the variety of the human form, in this case his body has no  dimension, its completely flat, his face is shown frontally, covered by a  garment with checkerboard, his feet are small and turned at an angle, 
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Unformatted text preview: no presence of a real body under the garment, all reduced to pattern Matthew Writing his Gospel, Lindisfarne Gospel Book, Lindisfarne, c. 715-720 CE, ink and tempera on vellum Colophon= inscription in a manuscript typically on the last page that provides information on the manuscript Contains the first 4 books of the new testament Before 800 CE, because of the great cost, very few full bibles were found in full, normally single books are found In terms of decoration, each gospel is preceeded by full page paintings, the author portrait 20:38 20:38...
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INTRO TO ART HISTORY MISC ART NOTES - no presence of a real...

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