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INTRO TO COMM FINAL EXAM NOTES - :selfdisclosure...

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Deliberate sharing of personal information:  self-disclosure This increases with increased intimacy, increases when  rewarded, tends to be reciprocated is regulated by rules of  appropriateness, and increases with the need to reduce  uncertainty in a relationship:  self-disclosure This theory holds that our perceptions of attractiveness change  as a direct result of positive and negative interactions:  interaction appearance theory At this stage of relationship development, people would  consider possibilities of a relationship if it would develop and  how:  exploration Elisa has a big wart on her shoulder that she is trying to hide  from her bf joe, from her perspective this info would fit into the  quadrant:  hidden self We adjust our behavior according to what we think others want  us to do:  self-monitoring This understanding of self assumes that we learn who we are  by the reactions of those around us:  looking glass self According to this theory the organization is a machine the 
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  • Fall '07
  • Lieberman
  • Betty, Scientific Management Theory, Colorless green ideas, quality downward communication, common symbols knowledge, Horizontal Message Flow

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INTRO TO COMM FINAL EXAM NOTES - :selfdisclosure...

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