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INTRO TO COMM SYSTEM NOTES - relations and systems •...

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Systems: Originates in general systems theory A system is an entity or whole part composed of interdependent  parts Parts Boundaries Environment Open vs. closed systems Open: continual give and take environment Closed: isolated from the environment Central systems concepts for org. comm. Interdependence of components Adaption to the environment  Tenets of systems Employees are interdependent components of a larger entity  (system) Organizational image = complex systems Function of communication = to coordinate the  interdependent relations between individuals, groups and  their surroundings and to create responsiveness inside and  outside the organization  TQM Quality Combines the best kind of scientific management, human 
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Unformatted text preview: relations, and systems • Continuous improvement of organizational quality through control • Involve employees in the creation of organizational quality • Responsiveness to market conditions and “organizational stakeholders” Quality • Tenets of quality o Organizational image = team, with players and coaches o Function of communication = to create, manage, and improve organizational quality o Quality of? Final product Organizational culture Production processes Public image and more… Plan -> policy revisited What went wrong in the text “How a plan became a policy” • How come •...
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INTRO TO COMM SYSTEM NOTES - relations and systems •...

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