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ADPR3100 Kleppner Ch 16

ADPR3100 Kleppner Ch 16 - ADPR3100 Kleppners Book Chapter...

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ADPR3100 Kleppner’s Book Chapter 16 How to Create Great Ads - Simplicity - Entertaining and conversational - Headline, visual, and logo communicate idea immediately - ¾ best ads use humor - Visual solution o Idea embedded in visual o Communicates 90% of what you’re trying to say Great Ad elements Creative Council of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide 1. Potent strategy 2. Strong selling idea a. Benefit is simple and clear. Intergrated brand 3. Stands out 4. Relevant 5. Can be built into campaigns Structure of an Ad 1. Headline- promise 2. Subheadline- spell out promise 3. Amplification of story 4. Proof 5. Action to take Nobody reads body copy Only goes back after illustration, headline, 1 st line of body, and logo keep interest Headline: most important - Tell benefit immediately - Short simple <10 words - Invitation to prospect, brand name - Selective words - Action verb - Enough info to convey product and benefit - Categories: o New Benefit- peak interest o Direct Promise existing benefit o Curiosity-invoking and provocative: leads to key message o Selective: concerns them personally/ prime prospect
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