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ADPR3100 Issues Ch 16

ADPR3100 Issues Ch 16 - Pol Ads primary source of info 79...

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ADPR 3100 Issues Book Chapter 16: Political Ads 2004 Presidential Election - Most of $547 mil of tv spots went to the “battleground states” o Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida - Average viewer saw hundreds of pol. Commercials in short time Polispots- political ads - Effective, fast, influence significant groups of votes 1 st broadcast 1952: Eisenhower “Clean up Washington” 2004 - $1.85 billion spent (68% campaign spending) - Increase by 112% from 2000-2004 - > $600 million invested - 2006: $2 billion (increase due to 527 orgs, indepen. pol. action committees, Dem, and Repub) Traditional connections dissolving: decrease in party affiliation Some critics don’t consider pol ads a true form of advertising - Technically true - Advertising: - Polispot o Paid placement Paid by identifiable sponsors o Persuasive message Persuasive message o Media Media o Target audience Target audience o Product services ideas Differentiate between candidates
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Unformatted text preview: Pol Ads primary source of info 79% respondents recall seeing ads Generating Buzz-Hillary Clinton (Sopranos spoofs)-LBJ (Daisy Girl) Not regulated for truthfulness Types: 1. Positive a. Candidate’s virtues, define candidate, image b. Bill Hillsman- funny ads for Paul Welllstone c. John Edwards- self-deprecation (hair cut) d. Bill Richardson- humour 2. Attack: “Mudslinging” a. Negative condemn opponent; Effective b. Ex: 2006 congressional races: Republicans attacked for supporting War in Iraq c. “Sleeper Effect”: fail to respond to accusations 3. Refutable a. Respond to both attacks and innuendo b. Damage control c. Ex: Cindy Chavez d. Rebut, attack, humor Future: Internet (1%--> $12 million increase) 95$ tv ads YoutTube (Mitt Romney) Obama Girl- viral videos VOD (Video on Demand): in 30 million homes...
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ADPR3100 Issues Ch 16 - Pol Ads primary source of info 79...

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