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ADPR 3100 Issues Book Chapter 11: Women in Advertising Narrowcast, sex objects, traditional jobs Misperception of women’s roles Debate: - 1960s womens liberation movement (feminism and activism) - Distorted view: reality of women’s lives - The Feminine Mystique Betty Friedman o one of the first to raise questions about issue - Gender Advertisements : Erving Goffman o Men take more space and shown as execs o Women defer to men and shown as delicate 46% US labor force- women 40% of businesses owned by women - Only 3% shown progressively Plavix- progressive - Woman shown as physician running an ER 25% Traditional (Dress Barn) 73% Decorative (Smart Water and Jennifer Aniston) Consume ~12 hours of ads: indirect effects. Influential content. 1. Children and social learning (observe and imitate)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Ads = society’s “idealized” version of reality Marketers efforts to accurately portray women 1. “Real Beauty” campaign by Unilever’s Dove 2. Combat narrow definitions of beauty a. 13% satisfied with bodies b. 2% consider themselves beautiful c. Golden Lion Award Advertising Women of New York (advocates of women in communications careers) 1. The Good: Dove, Kodak, American Express a. Grand Good: “Running Away” ESPN 2. The Bad: Axe, La Perla, 3. The Ugly: Carl’s Jr. and Paris Hilton Guys are also narrowly portrayed UnderArmour- target young women-Hard work, goal attainment, progressive, not eye candy Heineken Draughtkeg- most sexist beer commercial-Reduced ½ the world to man-serving beer taps...
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