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TELE3010 Test 6 Study Guide - Telecommunications 3010...

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Telecommunications 3010 Spring 2010 Test 6 Study Guide What is “persistence of vision?” The human eye retains images for short periods This is why film (a series of images) appears as moving pictures. How did Thomas Edison view his phonograph invention compared to motion pictures? Edison thought his phonograph was a much more important invention than anything related to movies Why was Birth of a Nation important? Historical film about the Civil War in which the heroes were Ku Klux Klan members Advanced filmmaking- huge sets, battle scenes, rehearsals, dynamic editing Racism caused riots and movie was banned Made a lot of money; considered 1 st blockbuster What was D.W. Griffith known for? Talented director, worked briefly with Edison Experimented with many aspects of filmmaking - Lighting from different angles, close-up and medium shots - Last minute rescue scenes (parallel editing- cut back and forth between victim and rescuer) Released Birth of a Nation What was unique about Alfred Hitchcock’s famous Psycho shower scene? He cut together 72 short shorts without actually showing the brutal slaying - Blood trickling down drain lets audience know what happened When did color catch on in the film industry? 1917: Technicolor founded and established a monopoly Not until late 1960s when stable color system developed and shooting in color became the norm Who are the Hollywood 10? 1947: US v. Paramount House Un-American Activities Committee called 47 screenwriters, actors, and directors - Accusations of leftist leanings - 10 of the witnesses: the Hollywood 10 o Refused to answer the inane and insulting questions o Jailed for contempt and ruined careers b/c studios would not hire them Which of the following statements is true? What studio was established by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen? 1994: Dreamworks SKG- first new studio in decades What was the Motion Picture Patents Company? Which companies were part of it? 1909: because of all the bad blood and lawsuits among the film companies (Biograph, Vitagraph, and Edison) - 9 NY companies, led by Edison, formed this (aka Trust or MPPC) - wanted to share patent rights and keep all other companies from entering the business - agreed not to sell films to distributors who bought from anyone else - arranged with Eastman’s company- Kodak- to sell film only to these 9 companies
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TELE3010 Test 6 Study Guide - Telecommunications 3010...

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