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TELE3010 Practice Test 2 - TELE3010 Practice Test...

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TELE3010 Practice Test True-False: 1. The first president to appear on television was Franklin D. Roosevelt at the 1939 World's Fair. 2. The RCA color TV system ultimately approved by the FCC was compatible with existing black-and- white televisions. 3. During the freeze that lasted from 1948 to 1952, no new television stations were authorized to go on the air. 4. The very first cable TV systems were launched in the late 1970s thanks to satellite technology. 5. As a result of the quiz show scandals, the networks took programming control away from sponsors. 6. The McCarthy era is known in television history because TV’s coverage of his hearings exposed their excesses to the American people. 7. Red Channels was the report the FCC issued when it lifted the freeze. 8. TV of the 1950s is often called the "golden age" because blacklisting was predominant. 9. ABC and CBS were slow to adopt color television because they didn’t want to help NBC owner RCA sell color TVs and broadcast equipment. 10. Syndicated exclusivity meant that a cable operator had to black out a distant signal carrying the same program as a local TV station. 11. The original ABC network was the weaker of two networks run by NBC. 12. TV broadcast channel 17 is an example of a UHF channel. 13. One of the results of the quiz scandals was that the networks rather than advertising agencies took predominant control of programming. 14. PBS was the first broadcast television network to transmit all programming by satellite. 15. "Must carry" states that cable systems must show syndicated programming including old reruns. 16. The FCC’s Freeze on issuing new licenses for television stations was put into effect at the outset of World War II. 17. The first cable television system that began in Pennsylvania was created by a TV set salesman who brought distant signals into his community. 18. The “Black List” contained names of people in television who were convicted of making financial contributions to the Communist party. 19. The family hour concept enabled local stations to program more hours of their prime time.
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TELE3010 Practice Test 2 - TELE3010 Practice Test...

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