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SOWK2154 Movie Reflection 2 - 1 Movie Review Paper: The...

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1 Movie Review Paper: The Lost Children of Rockdale County The story of Rockdale County was both shocking and saddening to me. I had never heard of this story before although it took place close to my own county in Atlanta. Part of the reason it was so shocking probably stemmed from the fact that it was so close to home for me; however, I believe that my initial reaction to this story was based more on my upbringing and my experiences growing up. The story of Rockdale County involves a suburban area 25 miles east of Atlanta. This area had nice homes, predominantly Caucasian families that were well off, and some of the best schools in the state due to taxes. While it would seem that families would have a perfect life and home here, an occurrence in the spring of 1996 would reveal otherwise. The life of teenagers remained a secret to parents until this occurrence and when this secret was revealed, parents and the adult community learned that amongst some teenagers (even as young as 12 and 13) sexual activity had become a prevalent part of their life. These teenagers were having “a lot of sexual activity with multiple partners” according to the video and this led to an outbreak of the sexually transmitted disease Syphilis. Stated in the film, over 50 teenagers from this middle class, white suburban area were involved in extreme sexual activity. When I heard this story, I wondered what could possibly be the motive of these kids to take such dangerous risks when they seemed to have a pretty easy going and stress-free life. These teenagers did not have to worry as much about financial struggles or social issues such as discrimination and marginalization as other teenagers who attended schools like mine, which was made up of more what society would consider minorities (African American, Latinos, and Asians) than Caucasians. I asked
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SOWK2154 Movie Reflection 2 - 1 Movie Review Paper: The...

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