ADPR3100 Issues Ch 8

ADPR3100 Issues Ch 8 - ADPR3100 Issues Book Chapter 8 From...

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ADPR3100 Issues Book Chapter 8: From Viral Videos to the Third Screen: Welcome to the New Media Ad Game A Media Revolition Industry facing change: - Consumer expectations - Marketplace dynamics - The way to conduct business Trends Influencing Advertising - Online advertising: o Up 34% o $16.8 billion o Anticipated 20% annual increases o 90% of heavy Internet users shop online - Differences in usage: o Young ppl most likely to use the web and to use it for downloading and socializing o 40% of 16- to 34-year-olds belong to social networking site o 75% regularly instant message o 71% participate in blogging o 33% participate in peer-to-peer file sharing New Media Influencing Major Media - Classified ads: mass migration to the web - eBay and Craig’s List - Newspaper circulation trending downward - Dallas Morning News o 14% circulation decline o Down 2% across the nation - Playboy o Intentionally cut circulation by 13% o Plan to increase audience with more free content on website o Make more money with bigger audiences as online ad gains more respect - Nielson: average US household watches 8 hours and 14 minutes of tv per day - 85% of heavy Internet users use other media when online - During major events, people turn to and trust traditional media Fragmentation - Increasing interest in marketing services (“below-the-line” advertising) o Non-traditional means of reaching consumers o Event marketing, sponsorship, PR, direct marketing, and sales promo New Challenges
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ADPR3100 Issues Ch 8 - ADPR3100 Issues Book Chapter 8 From...

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