Lecture-15 - Lecture 15 Additional Examples Pram oil...

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Lecture 15 Additional Examples Michael Jordan says Spray-o-Vac batteries help save the environment. So I don’t buy any other brand. Pram oil filters: pay a little more now, or pay a lot more later. If we legalize euthanasia for elderly people who want to die, then what about cases where the person can’t speak? Then it will be made a law that if the relatives think that the person would want to be put to death, then they will be euthanized. Then any time an old person becomes a burden, their children will just take them down to the hospital to have them killed. As the number of laws on the book has increased over the past 50 years, the number of crimes committed has also increased. So if we cut down on the number of new laws, we will reduce crime. Some parents in the district think we should provide bilingual education in Spanish. We cannot do this. If we do, then some will ask for bilingual education in Greek, and then in German and Japanese. Next it will be Hungarian and Polish. These programs would be far too expensive to maintain.
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If we allow Clinton to get off, then we will be eroding the ethical fabric of the office. Future Presidents will know that they can just lie and obstruct justice without repercussions, and so they will abuse the power of office. Before long, we will be living in a dictatorship in which the President will have absolute control over everything. Beer magnate Bubby Busch has argued that government should get off the back of business. But without government, there would be no legal system, no defense, no Social Security program. None of us wants to loose those benefits. Busch is clearly wrong. Of course there is a God! Every attempted atheistic argument has failed.
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Lecture-15 - Lecture 15 Additional Examples Pram oil...

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