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studyguide2 - Study guide for exam 2 math 20d Fall 2010...

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Study guide for exam 2, math 20d, Fall 2010 Hint: Best way to study is to go over as many problems as you can in the book. Both in my notes (L) and in Boyce-DiPrima (BD). Correspondence is: L 2.5 is in BD chapter 3 L chapter 3 is BD chapter 7 L chapter 7 is BD chapter 5 Here’s the summary. L 2.5: Nonhomogeneous equations. Be able to use undetermined coefficients. Be able to try the right form by looking at the complimentary solution and looking for conflicts. Be able to go through variation of parameters. L 3.1: Systems. Be able to solve systems that can be solved one by one. Be able to convert higher order equations into first order systems L 3.2: Matrix algebra. Be able to do algebraic operations with matrices and vectors. In particular understand matrix multiplication. Know how to compute determinant and how to understand if a matrix is invertible or not. Be able to invert 2 × 2 matrices. Know how to solve linear systems A~x = ~ b .
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