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SampleQuestMT1 - Cognitive Science 1 Fall 2007 Midterm 1...

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Cognitive Science 1, Fall 2007 Midterm 1 Sample questions An action potential is triggered by: a. hyperpolarization of the cell membrane b. depolarization of the cell membrane c. an increase of sodium ions outside the cell d. an increase of chloride ions inside the cell Which structure in the brain is considered to be a relay station? a. Hippocampus b. Cerebellum c. Basal Ganglia d. Thalamus Phineas Gage is famous for having survived an iron rod shooting through his head. ( Thou shalt not try this at home…) Which of the following functions was most impaired after the accident? a. Memory of recent events b. Language comprehension c. Judgment and decision making d. Language production
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Top-Down processing refers to: a. The influence of experience on perception b. The influence of perception on experience c. The influence of the brain on the body d. The influence of the body on the brain A neuron’s receptive field is: a. The part of the neuron that receives input from other neurons b. The part of the sensory world that the neuron responds to
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