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Week7StudyGuide - COGS 1 FA07 Week 7 Sarah Creel How...

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COGS 1 – FA07 Week 7 Sarah Creel – How Children Learn to Understand Words During the first year of development: innate auditory abilities govern categorization of speech sort out meaningful difference of sounds in language begin building Vocab. w/out meaning 10-12 mo. First spoken words Experiments at this time are limited to observing what infants pay attention to. This includes observing what seems new, interesting, or by carefully setting up tests to see if they can determine what a word means or predicts. 1. Head-turn Preference: a. By playing different sounds from speakers around the baby, researchers record how long the baby faces the speaker in order to measure the interest in a given stimulus 2. Habituation a. High-amplitude Sucking – a given sound is played as long as babies suck; after hearing same sound, sucking rate declines; sucking rate rises with new stimulus. **Essentially babies like new sounds b. Visual habituation – this technique requires a bit more training and involves hearing a sound every time a baby looks at a visual stimulus,
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