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Enstein's Brain-Science News-1999

Enstein's Brain-Science News-1999 - ScienceNews Einstein's...

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Science News Einstein's Brain Power June 1999 The world has never stopped thinking about Albert Einstein, arguably one of the century's greatest minds. Now, scientists who have reexamined his brain have come up with a theory of why Einstein, whose brain was preserved after he died in 1955, was capable of such prodigious mental feats as conceiving the theory of relativity and other laws of physics. The finding, appearing in tomorrow's issue of The Lancet , is based on measurements showing that Einstein's parietal lobes, which sit roughly behind the ears on both sides of the brain, are unusually large. As a result, his brain is about 15% wider than that of most people and, rather than being egg shaped, it's almost perfectly round. The work was done by a team led by neuroscientist Sandra Witelson of McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, which maintains a "brain bank" of about 100 normal people. Three years ago, Witelson was contacted by the "curator" of Einstein's brain,
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