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1 Jenny Collins November 23, 2009 Neurobiology of Cognition Lateralization and brain damage in children and adults Examples of lateralization • Language • Spatial abilities • Examples of children with brain damage • Big questions: – What cognitive abilities show lateralization? – What are the subtleties of these differences? – What can development teach us about lateralization of functions? Language - a classic example of lateralization An example of some language that we understand in everyday life Linguistics basics Pragmatics - meaning within a social context “We are sinking!” Semantics - meaning based on words and sentence structure “We are sinking!” Syntax - structure of phrases and sentences “We plural are plural _______ing” Morphology - small units of meaning (words, prefixes, suffixes, etc.) “think-ing” Phonology - sounds of a particular language “s” vs. “th” (SO SEND A RESCUE SHIP!!!!) Aphasia • Paul Broca (1861) – Non-fluent aphasia – Syntax? Production? • Karl Wernicke (1871) – Fluent aphasia – Semantics? – Comprehension? Broca’s/non-fluent Aphasia M.E.: Cinderella. ..poor. 'dopted her. ..scrubbed floor, um, tidy. ..poor, um. ..'dopted. ..Si-sisters and mother. ..ball. Ball, prince um, shoe. .. Examiner: Keep going. M.E.: Scrubbed and uh washed and un. ..tidy, uh, sisters and mother, prince, no, prince, yes. Cinderella hooked prince. (Laughs.) Um, um, shoes, um, twelve o'clock ball, finished. Examiner: So what happened in the end? M.E.: Married. Examiner: How does he find her? M.E.: Um, Prince, um, happen to, um. ..Prince, and Cinderella meet, um met um met. Examiner: What happened at the ball? They didn't get married at the ball. M.E.: No, um, no. ..I don't know. Shoe, um found shoe. ..
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2 Wernicke’s/Fluent Aphasia C.B .: Uh, well this is the . .. the /dodu/ of this. This and this and this and this. These things going in there like that. This is /sen/ things here. This one here, these two things here. And the other one here, back in this one, this one /gesh/ look at this one.
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LangandLateralization - Examples of lateralization...

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