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Unformatted text preview: Study guide topics for midterm 2 – COGS17 – Neurobiology of Cognition – I – Psychopharmacology section: Draw a diagram that represents a terminal button and postsynaptic neuron. Indicate in this diagram at least eight ways that drugs can affect synaptic transmission and give an example of each. Describe the biosynthesis of acetylcholine. List three different means that would act to alter the release of acetylcholine Explain what is meant by a therapeutic index. Compare and contrast drug tolerance with drug sensitization. Contrast the location and function of autoreceptors with postsynaptic receptors What is the advantage of reuptake over enzymatic degradation in the termination of neurotransmitter postsynaptic effects? Compare and contrast the locations and synaptic functions of the two types of acetylcholine receptors. Provide an example of antagonists for each receptor. Describe and discuss the synthesis of dopamine and its role in Parkinson’s disease. II Vision section: Explain what is involved in the process of sensory transduction. Describe how the physical dimensions of light correspond to the psychological dimensions of light. Compare and contrast the visual functions of rods and cones. Describe the primary visual pathway. Explain how the receptor potential in a photoreceptor by light generates action potentials within the visual system. Explain the concept of a receptive field in the visual system. III Auditory and Vestibular Section: Describe the physical and psychological properties of sound. Describe the basic anatomy of the middle and inner ear that is relevant to hearing. Explain how the brain codes for the spatial location of sound. Explain the difference between otolithic organs and semicircular canals. Discuss, compare and contrast the hair cells in the inner ear with the vestibular sacs. Discuss the vestibular nuclei and the effect that each of its projections has on an individual. ...
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