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Unformatted text preview: !"#$% ($) *+,-./$#*0- 12*.",#* 3+"%,*,3+4 !$%%7 99 Your Name******************************** Your TA-s Name***************************** Time allowed: 40 minutes. This section of the exam counts for onehalf of your exam grade. No use of @ooks or notes is permitted during this section of the exam. ANSWER EGACTLY .# OK THE KOURTEEN UESTIONS ON THESE KIPE AES. lease answer the uestions on the sheets provided. If you need more space, use the @ack sides of these sheets. 1. Imagine that a petition is delivered to the White House signed @y the overwhelming maority of the people of Ira. The petition is addressed to the resident of the U.S. and says, Xlease invade us and save us from our current rulers, who grossly violate our rights to freedom of speech, freedom of assem@ly, and freedom of worship.X The petition is carefully examined. All of the signatures are genuine. According to Waler-s doctrine of humanitarian intervention, would a military invasion of Ira that aimed to fulfill the reuest of the petitioners ualify as a ust war, other things @eing eualZ Why or why notZ 2. Suppose one chooses to @orrow money @y making an insincere promise to pay @ack what one has @orrowed, this @eing done in order to get money. Explain how \ants categorical imperative doctrine answers the uestion, ^Would this choice @e morally wrongZ_. Would it make any difference to \ants udgment of the case if we stipulate that ones further aim in acting is a to use the money to @uy a fancy car for oneself or @ to use the money to contri@ute to famine reliefZ Why or why notZ Page 2 of 5 3. Suppose that historians in the year 2010 discover that our understanding of the American Civil War of 1860-1865 has @een @ased on misunderstanding of the relevant facts. It turns out that actually the Southern States that formed the Confederacy had already a@olished slavery and freed all slaves @y 1840, so the Civil...
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13finalshortqs2002 - !"#$% ($) *+,-./$#*0-...

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