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Unformatted text preview: M"#$%RM $()%*+OM% %-(M .+"/OSO.+1 23 4(//, 6778 This assignment is due in class on Wednesday, October 19. Late papers will be subject to grade penalty. Answer any t:o of the following three questions. Each of your two answers should be roughly the equivalent of two to three double-spaced typewritten pages with 12-point font. 1. (a) Explain what John Mackie means in asserting there are no objective values and state his main arguments for this assertion. (b) State the main considerations in opposition to Mackies position that Ronald Dworkin adduces in his essay Objectivity and Truth: Youd Better Believe It. (c) In your view, do Dworkins arguments successfully undermine Mackies position? Explain your reasoning. **** 2. What is it for a persons life to go well for that very person? Answers to this question take a stand on the nature of human good. In his essay Desire and the Human Good Richard Kraut presses several objections against desire satisfaction and informed desire satisfaction accounts...
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