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Sheet1 Page 1 Lock for update able to be selected but not for updating or deleting select empno,ename from emp for update nowait corsor command current of cursor name cursor of c1 the other corsur try to change locked record that will be hang because of dead lock select sal from emp where empno =7369 for update of sal nowait update emp set ename='HHH' where empno=7369
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Unformatted text preview: insert into t1 values (1,10) insert into t1 values(30,20) insert into t1 values(3,30) insert into t1 values(45,40) insert into t1 values(57,50) insert into t1 values(6,60) declare t t1%rowtype cursor c1 is select * from t1 where e>f for update begin for t in c1 loop delete from where current of c1 insert into t1 values(t.f,t.e) end loop end...
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This note was uploaded on 07/15/2011 for the course ECO 2023 taught by Professor Mr.raza during the Summer '10 term at FAU.

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