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5-ASIGNMENTS ON CONTROL FILES (2) - file 5 Assume all...

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ASIGNMENTS ON CONTROL FILES 1. Find the locations of the existing control files and the names? 2. Try to start the database without any control files. (Simulate this by changing the name of the control file in the parameter file). Explain your observations. 3. Multiplex the existing control file naming it as ctrl02.ctl in a different location. Make sure that the file is not read-only. Now confirm that Oracle server is using both the control files. 4. What is the initial size of the data file section in your control
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Unformatted text preview: file? 5. Assume all copies of your control files are corrupted / lost. (Simulate this by renaming all the control files while the database is shut down). You have discovered while starting the database. Fortunately, You have previously taken a backup of the control file for re-creating purpose. Using that trace file try to re-create the control file and then try to start the database....
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