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Case 1 - History A 44-year-old woman was brought to you by her husband, who gave a history of disorientation, confusion and of distractibility and forgetfulness. These symptoms had become more severe in the past few months. The patient had recently begun to complain of headaches and after suffering what she described as a “fit”, her husband insisted she see someone. Examination • Impairment of memory • Left sided papilloedema • Facial asymmetry • Lack of movement on right side of face • Reflexes in symmetrical in limbs Conclusions • Mental impairment – disorientation, confusion & distractibility suggest a lesion in one
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Unformatted text preview: or both frontal lobes • Right facial signs suggest left-sided lesion is probable • Seizure suggests an irritative lesion in or near the motor cortex Differential Diagnosis Differential diagnosis would include: • Slow growing tumor • Unusual type of chronic infection with no history of fever • Neurodegenerative disorder Diagnosis A EEG confirmed abnormal wave activity in the left hemisphere Imaging studies confirmed a calcified multifocal mass in the left frontoparietal region Brain biopsy confirmed malignant glioma...
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