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AselectionofReviewquestionsforPeripheralJoints - rheumatoid...

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A selection of Review questions for Peripheral Joints 1. Describe the different kinds of disc interface disorders that may occur at the Temporomandibular joint 2. List the various conditions that may show a positive painful arc 3. Describe “Swimmers shoulder”. What are the contributing or aetiological factors? 4. What are the 4 main parameters used to describe glenohumeral instability 5. Describe the symptoms and signs of Thoracic outlet syndrome 6. What are the two main types of ulna fracture? 7. Explain how loose bodies are formed in the elbow due to Synoviochondrometaplasia. 8. Which muscles in the body are most commonly affected by myositis ossificans? 9. How do you differentially diagnose the different sites of medial nerve entrapment? 10. Describe the various fractures of the wrist. 11. Compare and contrast the effects on the wrist and hand of osteoarthritis,
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Unformatted text preview: rheumatoid arthritis and erosive osteoarthritis. 12. Compare and contrast mallet finger, jersey finger and trigger finger. 13. What is trochanteric bursitis? 14. What is the aetiology of Meralgia Paraesthetica? 15. What are the 5 Ts when taking a history regarding the knee? What are their significance? 16. List the symptoms and signs present in a grade 3 sprain of the anterior cruciate ligament. 17. Describe the various meniscal tears that can occur at the knee. 18. Contrast runners and jumpers knee 19. List the sites of bursitis around the knee. 20. Describe the position of the lower limb in weight bearing when affected by subtalar pronation 21. Compare and contrast acute and chronic compartment syndrome in the leg. 22. What is the incidence of foot involvement in cases of gout?...
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