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Exercise: Consider a situation where you are working on your Linux workstation (might be learning or some other work like sending mails, typing letter), while doing this work you have started to play MP3 files on your workstation. Regarding this situation, answer the following question: 1) Is it example of Multitasking? 3) "Currently only two Process are running in your Linux/PC environment", Is it True or False?, And how you will verify this?
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Unformatted text preview: 4) You don't want to listen music (MP3 Files) but want to continue with other work on PC, you will take any of the following action: 1. Turn off Speakers 2. Turn off Computer / Shutdown Linux Os 3. Kill the MP3 playing process 4. None of the above Shell script 1. Which shell character matches a single character? 2. Rewrite the following command so that it executes correctly. who | users.log Write a command that assigns the system date to the shell variable PS1....
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