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Assignment 1-5th july - 5 Hospital management system(eg...

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Assignment 1: groups of 5 students each of MBA-A,AST,ANT all the groups are required to analyze the findings and 1. Submit the soft copy on or before 12th July 2004 2. Presentations will be asked to be done by any member of the group. Dates will be declared on the 10th of July Find out the database technology used in the following areas/systems: Please use books/magazines/internet 1.Credit Card system 2. Railway reservation system 3. Airport scheduling system 4. ATM system
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Hospital management system (eg. Ruby, Jehangir etc) 6. Manufacturing System 7. GIS 8. Call Centers 9. Medical Transcriptions 10. British Library 11. Bio-metric 12. Hotel Management Systems 13. Finger print analysis 14. Network Traffic Analysis system 15. Traffic Analysis System 16. Telephone billing system (BSNL / Airtel / etc) 17. MSEB (Electric Supply) Billing system 18. Immigration / Migration of population to different countries tracking system...
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