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ASSIGNMENT I 16 th June 2005 Submission Date:18 th june 2005 before 10.30 a.m Mode of submission: Soft Copy 1. Write a PL/SQL code to update salary of employee number 7789 to 3000 if salary is less than 3000 2. Write a pl/sql code to insert all the details of employee no: 7698 to a new table temp which has the same structure as the emp table 3. Write a pl/sql code to print first 50 whole numbers. Also insert the list in temp table. Temp table contains only one column of number datatype 4. Update the commission of the employee number 7369 to Rs. 300 if it is NULL; else raise his commission by 25%; 5. Write a plsql code to find out who is reporting to whom.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Write a plsql code which accepts number as input parameter and displays the factorial of that number 7. Write a plsql code, which display the department name and location of an employee. Use bind variable to accept the employee number. 8. Write a pl/sql program to print prime numbers 9. Write a plsql program to print a string in reverse order 10. Load the employee names and salaries into plsql table and then display the contents of the table 11. create table vendor_master( vencode varchar2(20)); insert and fetch rows from this table using a plsql table...
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