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Assignment 2 1. Suppose file1 and file2 both exist. What is the difference between the results of these two commands? $ cp file1 file2 $ mv file1 file2 2. Write a command that will show all lines containing the string I like shell script in a file named file1 . 3. write a command that will have the contents of file 1 alphabetically sorted line by line and stored in file2 . 4. Write the command that will show on the screen the lines of
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Unformatted text preview: file1 containing the string I like shell script sorted in alphabetical order. 5. What different pieces of information are given for each file in a directory when you enter the command ls –l . 6. What does the command zcat do? 7. Give at least 2 paths on the system where you can find vi . 8. Which version of vi do you use by default when you enter the command?...
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