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Term paper- Salvador Dali - Mariel Gold Professor Urbano...

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Mariel Gold Professor Urbano Art History- Picasso, Miro, Dali Dali Term Paper Dali and Hollywood: The Showman, The Surrealist and The Dandy In the United States, Salvador Dali is the father of surrealism. Although not truly the founder of the movement (the surrealist movement was started by Andre Breton in Paris,) Dali popularized surrealism to such an extent in the U.S. that surrealism became an important faction of pop culture. References to Dali can be seen in films and TV shows of the 1950’s. Dali used surrealism and his celebrity to market himself as Dali, the surrealist, Dali the absurd, Dali the artist and most importantly Dali the celebrity. Dali influenced many artists after him, namely Andy Warhol, the next celebrity artist. Dali came to the U.S. in 1937and immediately made an impact not only on the art scene, Hollywood but American pop culture. Associating himself with the Hollywood surrealists, Harpo Marx, Walt Disney and Cecille de Mille, Dali collaborated on a number of projects further infiltrating his ideas of Surrealism into popular culture while simultaneously creating his status as a celebrity artist. Dali was and remains a showman and a dandy- a fixture of Hollywood and American history. Dali first came to United States with Gala in December of 1936 for the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism in which some of his art was being shown. In January of 1937, Dali went out to Hollywood for the first time. During this trip he met with Hollywood royalty- Jack Warner, Harpo Marx, Walt Disney and many more. In Dali’s article, “Surrealism in Hollywood,” published in the June 1937 issue of Harper’s Bazaar , Dali writes, 1
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I am just back from Hollywood, and there I have heard the word surrealism in every mouth. They have even officially announced surrealistic passages in forthcoming films. This only goes to prove that Hollywood has suddenly discovered all that it has dimly desired in the subconscious” (Dali, 68). Even before Dali arrived in the United States the seeds of surrealism were starting to bloom, Dali just ushered them a long. During his trip to Los Angeles in 1937, Dali met with Harpo Marx and began work on what would be a failed project entitled, Giraffes on a Horseback Salad staring the Marx brothers. In 1944 Dali collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock on his Freudian inspired thriller, Spellbound , creating and designing the sets and costumes for the dream sequence. Two years later, in 1946, Dali worked with another Hollywood great, Walt Disney, on a short animated film entitled, Destino . Although the project was not completed until 2003, Dali developed a strong relationship with the king of animation. As one article describes them, “a ‘mouse man’ and a ‘madman’- Walt Disney and Salvador Dali” (Eggener, 32). From the beginning Dali saw the connection between film, Hollywood and
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Term paper- Salvador Dali - Mariel Gold Professor Urbano...

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