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BASIC SQL REPORTS AND COMMANDS SETTING FEEDBACK SQLPLUS tells you how many rows it found in a table. This is called feedback. You can turn it off or on. The default value is 6 rows. Set feedback off turns it off Set feedback on turns it on Set feedback 25 sets the minimum number of rows to 25 for feedback to work SET and SHOW This is an SQLPLUS command used to tell SQLPLUS how to act. It has a counterpart named SHOW to allow you to see the instructions you've typed, e.g. Show feedback Set numwidth 10 will set the numberwidth for number columns to 10. Columns with more than 10 numbers will not display correctly. REPORT COMMANDS Reports are produced by storing commands to a file that can be executed by using the SQLPLUS START command. You may use whatever editor you prefer to create the report file. REMARK This command can be shortened to REM. SQLPLUS ignores anything on a line that begins with REM to allow you to document your program file. SET HEADSEP This is a Heading Separator command to tell SQLPLUS how you will indicate where you wish to break a page or column heading that is more than one line. The default is the vertical bar (|), but if your keyboard
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does not have this, use this command to select another character like the exclamation point. Set headsep ! TTITLE and BTITLE The TTITLE stands for top title at the top of each page of a report. Note this example produces a two line split title that is centered on each page of a report. It also default places the day, month, and date the report was run in the upper-left corner of the top title, and the page number in the upper-right corner of the top title. See also the REPHEADER and REPFOOTER commands to control placement of title information for Oracle 7.2 and later. ttitle 'Sales by Month During 2000 | Second Half of the Year' The BTITLE command is for the bottom of each page and centers the output on each page. btitle 'Doug's Report' COLUMN This command allows you to change the heading and format of a column that is in a SELECT statement. This example produces a two- line heading for the column named ITEM, and the following command
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