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MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY D EPARTMENT OF C HIROPRACTIC D IVISION OF E NVIRONMENTAL L IFE S CIENCES U NIT O UTLINE : CHIR874 NMSD 2 Year and Semester: 2009 Semester 2 Unit convenor: Dr Sharyn Eaton Prerequisites: CHIR 874 Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis II (NMSD II) Students in this unit should read this unit outline carefully at the start of semester. It contains important information about the unit. If anything in it is unclear, please consult one of the teaching staff in the unit. The semester 2 academic year commences on Monday 3 rd August and concludes on Friday 13 th November 2009. Examinations commence on Tuesday 10th November. ABOUT THIS UNIT Unit Convenor: Dr Sharyn Eaton [email protected] , Room E7A 232 This unit is an extension of NMSD 1 held in 1st semester for core components spinal and peripheral orthopedics and neurological diagnosis. Spinal Orthopedics will focus on conditions more specific to the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. Clinical neurology and orthopedics in which dysfunction of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems are studied incorporating clinical assessment and diagnosis including appropriate interventions and indications for referral. In 2nd semester, NMSD II will focus on diagnosis and clinical reasoning and a rational approach to therapy and patient management will be presented. Neurology and Orthopedics are taught with an appreciation of the material taught in NMSD 1, Pathology, Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Radiology, and the prerequisite studies in Anatomy and Clinical Biomechanics. This unit has two streams: Part 1 – Spinal and Peripheral Orthopaedics Part 2 – Neurological Diagnosis This unit is a total of 4 credit points and has a total of 9.5 contact hours per week. CHIR874 NMSD Unit Outline 300708 - 1 - Last Updated 7/29/2009
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TEACHING STAFF Unit Convenor Dr Sharyn Eaton Room E7A 232 Ph: 9850 9384 Fax 9850 9389 [email protected] Consultation Hours By appointment A/Prof Henry Pollard (Peripheral Orthopaedics) Ph: 0412561731 Fax 9850 9389 [email protected] Consultation Hours By appointment Unit Lecturers & Tutors Orthopaedics Dr. Sharyn Eaton Co-convenor Associate Professor Henry Pollard (Co-convenor) Associate Professor Rod Bonello Mr. Mike Swain Mr. Mario Pribicevic (Peripheral orthopaedics tutor) Chris Joliffe Dan Flannery Neurology Mr Anthony Nicholson Mr. Brett Lillie Mr Brent Gordon Mr Chris Charlton CLASSES Number and length of classes: a. 1 * 2 hour lecture per week - Spinal Orthopedics b. 1 * 2 hour lecture per week - Peripheral Orthopedics c. 1 * 3 hour lecture per week - Neurology d. 1 * 1 hour tutorial per week – Spinal Orthopaedics 1* 1 hour tutorial per week – Neurology 1 * 1.5 hour tutorial per week - Peripheral Orthopaedics e. The timetable for classes can be found on the University web site at: Timetables detailing classes within the Chiropractic rooms E7A 108, E5A 301 and E5A 358 will be published in each location for students, a copy is also posted
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