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International Institute of Information Technology MSP-AIT (Networking and Telecom) Course Code: Course Name: Data Communication and Networking Level: I Credit Value: 3 Description and Rationale: This module provides understanding of the underlying principles of data communications and networking. The students will learn the concepts, technologies, and terminologies involved in the said field. It covers topics on communication models and their characteristics, transmission media, switching and routing technologies, network protocols, standards, LANs, WANs, and other networking applications. Objectives: The objectives of the course are: ± to understand the concepts of data communications ± to gain a knowledge of various components required for data communication and networks for different applications ± to study various protocols and modes of data communications and networking ± to understand different switching techniques used in the data communication and networking Course In-charge: Dr. Bharat Chaudhari Trimester: I (Starting from July 2004) Prerequisites: Basic Knowledge of Communication Systems Learning Outcomes: At the end of this module the student should be: well acquainted with the knowledge of data communication and networking technologies able to grasp the courses of Trimester II and III Teaching Strategies: The module will be delivered
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DCN_Teaching Schme_MS_June04 - International Institute of...

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