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I 2 IT Course Description June 2003 INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MSPAIT AST 502: Database Technologies (3 CREDIT) This module focuses on the theory of database engineering. The module includes topics like file processing, introductory data structures, the differences between file processing and database processing, fundamental concepts of the relational model, normalisation of data, database integrity issues, database design, SQL and an overview of the functions of a database management system. Course Code: Course Name: Database Technologies Level: I Credit Value: 3 Description and Rationale: This module provides understanding of the underlying principles of Database Systems. The students will learn the concepts, technologies, and terminologies involved in the said field. It covers topics on database designing techniques and models with ample case studies. Also detailed Structured Query Language would be covered Objectives: The objectives of the course are: To gain a knowledge of various components required for understanding the database design techniques and models
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