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Unformatted text preview: Enterprise Application Integration – An Inside Integration By Dr. Atanu Rakshit Email: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] EAI – Course Outline EAI EAI – An Overview Data Level EAI Application Interface Level EAI Method Level EAI User Interface Level EAI The EAI Process Methodology EAI and Middleware EAI – Course Outline EAI Transactional Middleware and EAI Messaging Oriented EAI Distributed Objects and EAI Database Oriented Middleware and EAI Java Middleware and EAI XML and EAI E – Business and EAI Process Automation and EAI Future Trends in EAI Method – Level API Method Method-level EAI is the simple binding of Method-level two or more applications, at the method level, in order to integrate both business processes and data processes Method-Level API Method-Level It allows the enterprise to be integrated It through the sharing of common business logic or methods or Methods may be shared either hosting them on Methods a central server or by accessing them between applications applications Define common set of methods and reuse Define those methods among enterprise applications those Reduce redundant methods and/or applications Method-Level API Method-Level Integrate applications is information sharing as Integrate well as providing infrastructure for the reuse of business logic of Method-level EAI require more change in the Method-level source or target application as compared to Data-level EAI or application-level...
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