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Unformatted text preview: interface changes then it needs modification It provides the ability to look at the data element using conditional It logic logic This technique would search for the label and would use that as a This reference point reference Error Processing The goal is to alert the appropriate user to a problem correctly The error can be identified before data extraction or after data The extraction as requirement may be extraction Objective to minimize the interaction between client, application server Objective and database server and Approaches Approaches There are two approaches for getting information from There application interfaces application Screen-as-data It involves looking at a screen as a simple stream of text The information is parsed, identified, converted and processed within The the program that is responsible for processing the user interface the The advantages is simplicity, information never changes state, The information never tied directly to methods information Screen-as-objects It requires translating the information gathered from a user interface It into an application object –Java object, CORBA into Translating information into objects requires adding the methods Translating needed to interact on the data needed The advantage is the screen objects can be placed into other The environment that support object, among them application server etc. environment...
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