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Unformatted text preview: , or rules, within the method warehouse logic, The method warehousing lies in its cost Method warehousing requires the conversion of the Method significant methods of every source and target applications into a common enabling technology so that all enterprise applications will be able to access that Frameworks for EAI Frameworks Object-oriented programming supports Object-oriented software reuse, frameworks support design reuse reuse Frameworks are fully debugged and tested Frameworks software subsystems, centrally located and accessible by many applications accessible They fit in well with method-level EAI where, They in many instances, shared objects, processes and/or methods are being identified for the purpose of integration purpose Frameworks for EAI Frameworks It provides infrastructure for sharing methods It – providing objects that are accessible by a number of applications number It allows for the construction of a ‘Library’ of It enterprise objects for the use of many applications applications EAI architecture are able to leverage EAI frameworks to integrate application frameworks Value of Frameworks - Advantages Value The most obvious benefit is the ability to reuse the The existing code existing Frameworks contain pre-built objects, those objects Frameworks can be share among many applications can Frameworks provide more than reuse within the Frameworks organization; it provides reuse throughout an industry verticals verticals Frameworks also provide...
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