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Unformatted text preview: black box’ perspective on framework It as it does not allow developers to extend or modify their basic set of services their The procedural framework itself will have to be The modified to add the functionality or the function will have to be coded directly in the application without the use of the framework the Enabling technology which supports procedural Enabling frameworks includes TP Monitors like – MS’s MTS, BEA’s Tuxedo, IBM’s CICS etc. BEA’s Scope for merger of TP Monitor and distributed Scope objects is a reality objects Component Frameworks Component It is the fasted growing frameworks driven by web It and the rise of component-enabling technologies like ActiveX, EJB etc. ActiveX, It is possible to share entire components beyond their It discrete functionality discrete It differs from object frameworks like Developers reuse objects by embedding them inside an Developers application with development tools application Components deals with the interface on the client, where Components application services and procedural frameworks provide basic application services on the back-end basic Component frameworks do not provide the reuse Component granularity of true object-framework development granularity Framework Categories Framework Frameworks are categories based on the types of Frameworks features it offer features Application Service Frameworks Domain Frameworks It encapsulates enterprise application functionality. It provides It horizontal funct...
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