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Unformatted text preview: EAI Data-level There is tremendous opportunity to integrate There applications by identifying the common business logic and sharing them across these applications applications Composite Application Composite Composite applications are nothing more than Composite applications bound together by business logic or methods. This of course the ultimate goal of distributed objects and transactional technology for method-level EAI technology Options for Method-level EAI Options One can move much of the business logic to a One shared server, such as an application server shared One can rebuild each application using a One method-sharing mechanism i.e., Distributed object technology to create tightly coupled applications that allows easy cross-access of methods methods One can expose each method using either One distributed object standard or a custom programming solution programming What is Process What A business process is any rule or piece of logic business that exists within the enterprise that has an effect on how information is processed effect Thousands of business processes reside in an Thousands application application Understand the detail process component in Understand the business process the Break the process into their scenarios or types These types are – Rules, Logic, Data and These Objects Objects Rules Rules A rule is a set of conditions that have been agreed rule upon upon Example – An employee will get air fare provided Example distance is more than 10...
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