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Critical factor to build a framework is the ability

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Unformatted text preview: ient and client’s applications features Framework Types Framework The various type of framework are build to The address various types of requirements address Object Frameworks Service Frameworks Procedural Frameworks Component Frameworks Object Frameworks Object It provides application services through It inheritance mechanism inheritance So it provides developers a copy of the So framework source code and have an opportunity to customize the framework opportunity The changes are made using the objectoriented features like – encapsulation, oriented polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction etc. polymorphism, Service Frameworks Service In contrast to object frameworks, it does not provide In the functionality to application through inheritance the It provides services Distributed object frameworks are the best example Distributed of service frameworks of It allows application to invoke methods that are It encapsulated in a centrally located distributed object encapsulated Service frameworks generally do not provide the Service access to the source code of the distributed object access Distributed objects are built into service frameworks Distributed to provide access to accounting function, database access etc. access Procedural Frameworks Procedural Procedural frameworks provide a good approach to Procedural method –level EAI method It represents a ‘...
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