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Unformatted text preview: ionality across many EAI problem domain. Example – Microsoft’s Foundation Classes (MFC) Example It encapsulates expertise for certain problem domains and provide It vertical functionality for certain areas of expertise vertical Support Frameworks It offers native system-level services such as network support, It device access or file access etc. device User Interface-Level EAI User User Interface-Level EAI User It is the only available mechanism for accessing logic It and data and It will prove to be successful in extracting It information from existing applications and as a mechanism to invoke application logic mechanism The user interface is the EAI Interface Many application integration projects will leverage Many the user interface to access application data and processes processes ‘Screen Scraping’ or accessing screen information Screen through a programmatic mechanism, middleware drives the user interface in order to access both process and data process User Interface-Level EAI User It is just one of many techniques and It technologies that can be used to access or place information in an application place The data gathering performance of user The screens leaves a lot to be desired screens It should have the scale up option to handle the It multiple screen interface at any given time multiple EAI architect or the developer has the EAI responsibility to understand the application, the application architecture and the database in great detail great...
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