Provided example distance is more than 10000 miles or

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Unformatted text preview: 000 miles or designation is above General Manager above The rules that exists within a given enterprise are The built into applications in order to control the flow of information information Rules exist in stovepipes – in a single application and Rules accessible to single department. EAI must provide the infrastructure that allows for sharing of these rules, making accessible to many applications from central place place Enterprise Rules Enterprise HR Rule Finance Rule Example – An employee will get air fare provided distance Example is more than 10000 miles or designation is above General Manager Manager User can fill the travel request form and the approver can User approve the same based on this rule approve System should verify the fund usage pattern System should also validate the yearly upper cap for the System employee and accordingly approve/partially approve or reject. Enterprise Rule Both the rules are maintained in a single place and Both applicable to all employees irrespective of from where the user is asking for the services. user Rule Server Rule Rules must be distributed and...
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