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The frameworks organization it provides reuse

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Unformatted text preview: a standard set of predesigned and pre-tested application architectures These architectures provide a common infrastructure These for all enterprise applications. It provides developers scope to concentrate on the functionality of the application and to remain architecture independent application Value of Frameworks - Limitation Value Design is essential part of application development Design i.e., knowing how the application and framework fit together is essential together There has been need for common language, or binary There object standard, frameworks are typically bound to a technology – C++ / Java/VB / PB etc technology Frameworks must undergo a very costly design, Frameworks architecture, development, and testing process architecture, The cost of quality assurance in building framework The is too high is Framework Functionality Framework Frameworks work by allowing EAI architects to take Frameworks advantage of pre-build subsystems, application architecture, and code that already exists in the enterprise enterprise Frameworks can be customized by adding sets of Frameworks classes or new revisions classes Object frameworks also work with other frameworks, Object allowing the developers to ‘mix and match’ features from each frameworks from Typically object frameworks provide access to their Typically services through APIs services The critical factor to build a framework is the ability The to provide a complete framework that supports features required by cl...
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